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Importance of Having Spirituality, Meaning, and Purpose in Life

Photo credit: www.dreamstime.com

Photo credit: www.dreamstime.com

Lack of purpose and sense of meaninglessness in life can be some of the factors that can cause

depression, phobias, and anxiety in life. It was also found that those who haven’t been able to find their

full capabilities or potential, suffer from what you call existential anxiety. People who suffer from this

type of anxiety suffer from desperation, vague sense of tension, feeling of incompleteness, and

boredom. They also seem to be unaware of where their lives are going and experience difficulties in

defining their life purpose. But, once people learned how to find their life purpose, meaning, and take

some risks just to attain their goals in life, they would be able to overcome phobias, anxieties, and other

negative things they’re experiencing.

For one to be satisfied and feel happy with his or her life, he or she should have a purpose in life. One of

the common examples of this is succeeding in fulfilling a career. Once you realize what things could truly

give your life purpose and meaning, you’re more likely to go beyond your needs and can also have a

beneficial impact on some people. Moreover, if you start to discover your real potential and purpose,

you will also be able to experience satisfaction, allowing you to relieve your anxiety and tension, which

can also provide you a sense of completeness.

Like having purpose and meaning in life, it is also essential to have spirituality as it can also help you in

overcoming your anxieties and fears. This involves the acceptance and recognition of a Higher Power

beyond your will and intelligence. Once you have cultivated a relationship with Higher Power, you will

experience peace of mind and you will be more inspired, which can boost your confidence and

determination to achieve your goals.

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You create your own reality, your life, with the power of your thoughts


Every person creates their own reality and their life with the power of their thoughts.

What you think,
what you feel
always materializes.

Beyond their material body every human being is energy and this energy is the natural extension of the energy of Source, God, Power, Light. This energy animates the physical body, provides it with the power of life. This energy is constantly vibrating and the way it vibrates is determined by one’s way of thinking and his system of beliefs. Because of the different way of thinking of every person, the vibration of every human being is different. The strictly determinate mode of vibration of every human being attracts to him from the great universal vibrational ocean situations, people and events according to the essence of one’s thoughts and beliefs. Everything is arranged by the Universal Law, which is also the Universal Manager – the Law of Attraction, which says: “That which is like unto itself, is drawn.” So by the power of your thoughts you build your own life. What you experience today is the result of what you have been thinking yesterday, the day before, a year ago, ten years ago; the thoughts of today determine you life tomorrow.

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And how do you know what you are creating right now?

This is quite easy to be understood, because everyone has a very effective guiding system – their feelings. Emotion always gives a clear indication of what you are creating in every moment of your life. No matter how many different names you give them, at the end they are always reduced to two essentials – emotion that makes you feel good and emotion that doesn’t make you feel good.

A person who wants to take responsibility, to create his own life, must find a way to be in harmony with their desire, to feel good, by replacing the thoughts that make them feel bad with thoughts that make them feel better. Sometimes this means obtaining cheap psychic readings to see what may be real or not fake.

What a person holds as their object of attention is always materialized, whether they like it or not. Their attention is the invitation, opening the way to the materialization.

How to invite things that are satisfying, things that a person wants to experience, do or have?

The most important technique to do this is to concentrate only on what makes you feel good, on what you want in your life – to imagine it, experience it and hold the image of it in your mind as often as possible.

Feeling good is the most important thing in your life, because only then you attract more and more of the same. If you are experiencing a difficult time (and you wouldn’t be if your vibration wasn’t aligned with the vibration of that situation), you have to find a way to feel a little better, and a little better… until the new and improved vibration starts to attract new situations, people and events in your life. In your complaining, it is not possible to attract better circumstances – the vibration of complaint and displeasure stands too far away from the vibration of Well-being. In order to attract well-being, your thoughts and emotions must be in alignment with the vibration of Well-being.

The Non-physical Teachers Abraham give a simple, clear and logical explanation of how the Universe works, they define the Universal Laws and offer powerful processes to help any individual move their life in a satisfying direction.

The reality you are experiencing now is not unchangeable; your experience is just an indication of the vibration offered; of what you have kept your attention on so far. If your experience doesn’t satisfy you, it is enough to change your focus, to concentrate on something else, which will then materialize and your reality will change.

And so – what do you want?

You want a strong, healthy, flexible, beautiful body? Then think of it, experience it, feel like you already have it. Focus on what you want, not on what is.

You want a satisfying, well-paid job, full of opportunities for expressing your creativity? Then think of it, experience it, feel like you already have it. Focus on what you want, not on what is.

You want a lot of money? Then focus on why you want it and how you would feel if you had it. Concentrate on what you want, not on what is. Check out http://www.virtualrush.net

You want a good relationship? Then imagine how you would feel if you had it. Keep your thoughts on what you want, not on what is.

You want your children to be well? Then only concentrate on the wonderful future ahead of them and avoid thinking of the imaginary accidents that might happen to them. The negative thoughts, feelings and beliefs are the single obstacle that keeps all these wonderful things you are dreaming of from flowing in your life. Find a way to eliminate the negative thoughts, find a way to feel good, or at least a little better, and you will give all those things you dream of a possibility to start materializing in your life. You will start to become a deliberate creator of your own experience, travelling through your life in Joy, Well-being and Prosperity. Also, try reading more about absolutely free psychic readings here 

Start from the end, not from the beginning – The beginning is the end in this world


If you are someone seeking for answers in life, my intention is to guide you with these pages to find answers that will lead you to well-being, well-fair and prosperity.

It is good to know that you are the one building your life with the power of your thoughts, you are the one responsible for your destiny and only you can help yourself. Only you think your thoughts, no one else can think for you; and your thoughts and beliefs are your point of attraction. Certainly from time to time there is someone supporting you, but in the end you must find a way to help and support yourself; a way to do things the way they will work well for you; to lose bad habits and acquire beneficial ones.

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The most important thing is for you to know what you want, where you want to be and then examine the paths that will lead you there. You begin by clarifying the purpose of this journey, e.g. the end. Before the journey begins, you must know where you want to go, where you want to arrive.

“Knowing what I want…” sounds pretty simple, but in fact you are afraid to ask, because you don’t want to be disappointed (again), because you were thaught not to be a dreamer but a realist, until finally you lost the ability to dream of what might be. Without being conscious about this, you have put yourself in a limited space, which suffocates and restrains you. And your work now is to free yourself from this limiting and suppressing existence. It doesn’t matter where are you now. The most important thing is to know where you want to be.

At their seminars the Non-physical Teachers Abraham often make a comparison with the Magellan guiding system, that Esther and Jerry Hicks have in their Monster Bus. Magellan never asks “How did you get there? Where have you been? What is still keeping you there? Why didn’t you listen to me yesterday? How many times do I have to repeat the same thing to you? Why do you want to go to another place?”, Magellan simply knows point A, where you are at the present moment. The only other thing the system needs is point B, e.g. the place where you want to be. This is everything necessary for you to be guided. By analogy, the Universe attends to provide what you need in life. And what doesn’t matter is:

  • how you got to where are you now
  • how long you have been there
  • how many times you have tried to get out of there
  • how your parents didn’t support you
  • how no one understands you
  • how many obstacles there are in your life

The only thing that you need to do is clarify what do you want to be, do or have and keep yourself in vibrational harmony with your desires. The Universe will take care of the rest – circumstances and events will be lined up to fulfil your desires. We spoke to the folks who offer cremation philadelphia pa all year round.

In this website you will find explanation of why things happen the way they do and how to make them happen the way you want them to, you will discover how to move easily from where you are to where you want to be easily and without any help from the outside.

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